The best places to watch motorcycle racing in 2023

Want to come out and watch FIWOP Racing in action? I would love to see y’all out there (as would all the other racers)! Here are the best places to watch motorcycle racing with WERA in the southeast.

Club motorcycle racing is an absolute blast to watch. Other than actually getting on the track, spectators have exactly the same access as riders, including the paddock and the pit wall on the front straight. You can get super close to the action! While the featured image on this post is a stock photo, it’s not far off from how close you can get to the action at most tracks.

Here are my notes regarding all the best places to watch motorcycle racing… including FIWOP Racing… in action this season!

The best places to watch motorcycle racing track notes:

Talladega Gran Prix, track map shown here, is one of the best places to watch motorcycle racing

Talladega Gran Prix is not the NASCAR track, but a short track just outside of Oxford, AL. If you’re on the west side of the ATL, you may find Tally great and convenient to attend. It’s a short drive, no more than a couple hours. You can see just about the entire track from the top of the grandstands, and a fair bit of it just standing in the paddock.

If you’re coming specifically to see FIWOP Racing, I tend to have my best results there. The downsides are that on-site food options tend to be unpredictable, and entering and leaving the track can only be done when there’s not action on-track, as you have to cross the track to get in.

Roebling Road Raceway is about a half-hour from Savannah if you want to make a weekend catching some racing and enjoying a beautiful coastal city. Roebling is not my favorite spectator track, but there are a few good spots from which to watch. Roebling always has concessions on-site, and the food is pretty good. Entering and leaving the track is the same as Tally, which can be an issue for the casual spectator as track crossings are relatively infrequent.

Historic Road Atlanta is the closest track for most of my friends, and WERA’s Cycle Jam event offers a great view of the sport with lots of racers and vendors. Food is readily available on-site, and track access is enter and leave at will. There are a lot of great places from which to watch, too. I recommend bringing a bicycle, scooter, or pit bike to get around, as it’s a big facility. Of all the places listed here, this is probably the best of the best places to watch motorcycle racing.

Barber Motorsports Park is worth the drive just for the facility. It’s like a racetrack in the middle of a golf course surrounded by public art. Get there a day early to catch the Barber Vintage Museum, which seems to have every motorcycle of which you’ve ever heard. You really need a full day to see the whole museum.

Once on the race track, there’s usually a couple different food trucks there, and you’re not far from Buc-ee’s if you need to go off site for food, beverage, or whatever else you might need. There are also nearby hotels to make a weekend stay pretty easy. From a spectator perspective, you can see a lot of the track from the scoring tower building deck, and there are a lot of other places to watch as well. Like Road Atlanta, you may want to consider a bicycle, scooter, or pit bike. Track access is at-will.

Carolina Motorsports Park is a nice facility, though not the best for spectators, as a lot of the track isn’t easily visible. There’s always food on-site, and recent years have made nearby lodging easier to find. Track access is at-will, as well.

Now that you know the best places to watch motorcycle racing, I hope to see you there!

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