2023 motorcycle race preparation: Anxious with 1 week to go.

2023 motorcycle race preparation – where’s my bike?

We’re less than a week out from the first race and my 2023 motorcycle race preparation seems woefully inadequate. I’ve not turned a wheel in anger since the last race of the 2022 season in November. Luckily, Sportbike Track Time has a practice day on that Friday, so I’ll at least get a day on the bike before I try to race it!

2023 motorcycle race preparation includes turning this black bike into something dynamic

As I sit here Sunday the 19th, the bike isn’t even in my possession. It’s still getting vinyl wrapped, and then it needs to go get baseline suspension setup. Hopefully we’ll see vinyl done tomorrow and suspension on Tuesday. If not, I’ll be doing the suspension myself during the day on Thursday before leaving for the track that afternoon.

2023 motorcycle race preparation – go through all the stuff

In the last part of my 2023 motorcycle race preparation I’ve also got to go through all my track stuff and make sure nothing expired or didn’t get replaced after the last race, go get groceries for the weekend, and pack. Probably going to do that really early this week so I feel like I’m getting stuff done and I’m not so panicked when I load up for Tally.

We’re also a little behind on some other things, too. This first post was supposed to happen on a new website, which isn’t quite done yet. It’s going to be cool AF, but it’s also not going to launch until after the first race weekend.

Hope to see y’all at the track!

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